What kind of style do you like to play?
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Nope, sorry. All we play here is Smells Like Teen Spirit and American Idiot.

But yeah what level of "advanced" are we talking here? Like Guthrie Govan advanced or Blink-182-using-something-other-than-powerchords advanced?
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i need to find a few songs for my HSC next year i like bands like nirvana and mudhoney but their songs are too simple so i need to find some others
YYZ by Rush, anything by Zappa
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As far as more modern stuff goes, anything (particularly Fortress onward) from Protest the Hero is pretty advanced without bordering on the insanity that is Loomis.
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Challenge: Eruption, Eddie Van Halen
-Master of Puppets, Metallica
-Battery, Metallica
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Challenge: Eruption, Eddie Van Halen
-Master of Puppets, Metallica
-Battery, Metallica

Err...I wouldn't really call M.O.P an Advanced song. Maybe Intermediate. Same thing with Eruption. Battery does have a few tricky runs, but nothing too serious.

Maybe Chiron, by ATR if you're a metal guy. Or, Pride and Joy, by SRV if you're blues.
Nothing really coming to mind from the mainstream rock scene, as Advanced.
Dream Theater- In the Presence of Enemies part 1&2

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Dear God, AfterLife - A7X

Dear God isn't that distorted, how about something from Waking the Fallen.
OP needs to be more specific, seriously if you just want a challenge go learn something like michael batio, "no boundaries"
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Dear God isn't that distorted, how about something from Waking the Fallen.

yeah. dear god is acoustic, but i had a freakin' haedach just looking at the tabs.... but Is this my Fate? He Asked Them by Story of the Year, may be nice, no tricky shred but you got to run it fast. look a their others song too, they have the hell of a lead guitar.
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