so recently ive been getting into skrillex. not sure if anyone around here has heard of him. hes tearing up the edm scene right now, but a lot of people know him as sonny moore the lead singer from first to last. from my understanding he was only around for a couple years before going solo but he was the guy that sung "emily." i was shocked to find out he sung it because ive always known him as skrillex but its kinda cool. if anyone wants to check out his music, by all means go ahead, its pretty interesting stuff.

heres scary monster and nice sprites, his most famous track


heres all i ask of you


his first ep out available for free online or just keep youtubin skrillex, hes got some great songs!
i love him! new album is out soon, but i enjoyed the scary monsters and nice sprites ep kill everybody is great!
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I absolutely love his work, excellent music.
I love the fact that he's bringing such agressiveness to his music, songs like '****ing die 1' and 'Reptile' have some of the best drops I've ever heard, whilst songs like 'Weekends!' are just plain 'ol catchy.

I can't wait to see him live, from what I've seen his live shows are incredible. I've seen it described as a new form of punk, in terms of energy and additude, and I must agree !
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