im buying a guitar to usb interface for playing and recording on my laptop. i have FLStudio 10 and i know it has some nice guitar software. 1. can i just use that to play or do i need some other software to make it work.

next thing. is there any other software kind of like guitar rig, i can get for free or something? i want something to jam, and play with, because my rig the now is crap. i have a line 6 spider iv 30 and a boss me50. which will all change soon. thanks.
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not sure what the FLStudio requires. Did you find any info on it? Some require simply a decent sound card. Some require a better one. Shouldn't take more than that. You will need an interface of some kind to get down to a 1/8" jack for your input on laptop or USB. Lightsnake makes stuff like this. so do others.

as far as free software the only thing we can really recommend are the 'trial' versions of the popular softwares out there. As far as recording - Audacity is free. Reaper has free trials.

The 'Recordings and Riffs' forum may be a better place to get more info on this.