Hey guys,

So I have been wanting a full revamp of all my gear for some time now.. I have recently stopped playing but am looking to get back into it and getting some motivation by getting a whole new rig.. So this is what im thinking of buying over the come months..

ESP LTD EC-1000FM (the one with seymour duncans)

Blackstar HT-5

2x12 cab (Possibly Orange but does anyone have any oppinions?)

I currently have a Peavey Vypyr30 and a starter Ibanez.. which isnt really cutting it.. So I am after a pretty versatile setup which will allow me to play a range of music.. from punk/metal to nice cleans and maybe some blues.. all for bedroom practise.

So my questions are,

1. Will that setup give me a versatile range
2. Does anyone know of any international online stores that ship EC-1000's to Australia as I have looked at prices and they are grossly overpriced in aus
3. What type of cab should I buy to go nicely with the HT-5

Thanks in advance.
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Blackstar HT-212 would go good with it, or an orange ppc cab. it should give a good range, maybe to get high gain you may need a pedal infront of it, like a ts. im not sure about the shipping though
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I dunno about Australia but here there are customs duties and stuff to stop you from doing that. Stuff is expensive in Australia, I guess you probably have to live with that :/ maybe get a cheaper guitar? The setup will be fairly versatile I guess, not personally a fan of the HT5 but plenty of people are - for a whole amp/cab combo...

genres played?
will you buy used?
Have you thought about the EC-401? it has almost the same specs and hardware and is several hundred dollars cheaper.

Look at the Jet City Pico-valve, it is geared twards more Hi-gain music.

Don't you guys have some diecent AU/NZ amp companys? I would look into them as well ( Support the local economy)
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i'd suggest doing a jet city for your amp. its all tube and i think it will be a little better suited for you. the ht5 is a hybrid. the jet city will allow you a great range of tones but may need a little bit of a boost for metal. so maybe a tubescreamer or a nice OD to give it that extra grit