Hey UG,
I've been playing for over 3 years and have only sent a guitar into the shop once. That was when my acoustic's bridge was coming up and they glued it back down. I'm thinking of getting my Jackson set up and was wondering what the hell they do and the impact thereof.

It's a local shop with very experienced techs, not some brat working at GC, if that makes a difference.

I bought the Jackson used from this store and obviously I've never had it set up before.
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Whatever you want them to do; I imagine action and intonation is standard fare.

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Clean everything up, including the electronics inside. Fix whatever is broken, adjust the bridge, and sometimes they even wax it. Basically, cleaning and fixing it into an "all new" situation.
Shop owners recommend doing so once a year. I recommend on doing so whenever your guitar looks old, starts buzzing, and the octaves are wrong.
(If the 12 fret on the E sounds like an F, or something like that).
If you REALLY want to know, my guitar's warranty expires this week, so I'll be heading for a setup tomorrow(it's free due to the warranty). I can tell you more tomorrow.
Well it's any general maintenance of the guitar, adjusting the trussrod, changing string height, checking intonation, making trems float correctly etc.

They will do what you ask them, what are you trying to achieve with your Jackson, lower action? lower tunings? etc

If you don't know what you want changing there isnt much point getting it set up.

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