Don’t Cut The Rope

I remember when we were young
When we’d run down the street
Not caring of what was ahead of us
With the sun above our heads
Lightning up our lives
I never thought you would cut the rope

It’s been years since then
Since the days we’d run
Since the days we’d jam
Since I saw you smile
Feels so long ago
Didn’t believe you would cut the rope

You never talk
You never pay attention
You’re always in the corner
You’re always hurt
You never let anyone help
Unsure if you would cut the rope

I wake with a sweat
I thought you were gone
The past was the past
The sun had set
You lost hope in yourself
You were going to cut the rope

I tried to get your attention
You never turned your head
I screamed your name
You kept walking
You got to your door
Don’t cut the rope
Please call me Rainer, was 16 and empty minded when I made my profile.

Sometimes I talk to myself too...but never on the internet.