Hey i've been using a ts-7 for ages (:P) so finally brought a TS-9 and love the sound and boost i get from it on my Vox Night Train just wondering because i know every other guitarist has or uses this trick what settings do you use on the your OD pedal to get the best boost on your dirty channel because i would love it to just to be a bit more powerful for my solos

thanks GXD
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Well, on my rp I use the ts-9 to boost amp models. If I like the amount of gain I have, I just use tone 99 and level 99. If I want more gain, I'll just add some gain to that setting.
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almost all leads from the 80's was a ts9 on the dirty channel of an amp
For a really chunky sound into my tube b-52 i use the ts9 at o gain 60-70 tone and the level at about 60.
I actually like the TS8 model a little better its got a big low end and a crispy high end without the over mid-boost. What i did though was buy the Ibanez TS9DX and its got a switch from the TS9 to the TS8 to the TS7 and then another hot setting. I will never need another OD pedal.
can't say i just use one setting as it depends on the need of the songs. for live playing i set my dirt channel to my basic rhythm sound and then use the overdrive for a lead tone. as i said the settings vary however i try to group the songs so that i can play them without having to dick around with settings much if at all. (for 2-4 songs) best bet is to experiment and see what works for you.
Drive 2, level 8, tone to taste. I like mine maxed for rhythms, but I'm weird like that....
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You should turn the knob and find out yourself. Every amp is going to react different to whatever setting someone gives you.
^Yeah, the amp determines almost every aspect.

I use a TS7 with my AC15, and with the Vox I'm working with a ton of treble on tap just from the amp itself, so my tone pot on the TS is almost always 25% or less.
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Depends on the amp nd if you have enough gain already. I use mine on lead channel as a boost with the drive off completely, level at 2 o clock, and tone at 11 o clock.
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