Yeah I think you'd get a diecent guitar. You'd probably need to swap the p/u's and tuners though.
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Tried it, it ain't half bad but a pair of new pickups won't hurt it. Despite being made of basswood it sounds pretty good and the neck thru construction feels a lot more high end for it's price. I'd go for it

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Quote by Poglia
Hi guys,

I know high end LTDs are very good guitars, but what about this one?


It's $399 and the specs look pretty good for the price. Has anyone tried it? I have seen a touring guitarist using it (it was NOT the Phoenix 1000 or ESP original model) so I think it should be ok. Good deal for $399?


You generally get what you pay for. You'd need to change the pickups and tuners(like others have said) so that another $100+.

Personally, if you just need a backup guitar, I recommend looking for a used Schecter locally. I see a lot of NGD threads here for people that found a Schecter C1 classic or some other model on CL for $300 mint. You'd only have to possibly change the pickups on it.