Hi guys! I was trying to fix my 2 guitars.. Taylor DN3 and PRS Custom 24.

They actually have the same problem.

The action is very low at the first frets but is going up high all along the neck.

I tried to adjust they truss rod but it seems that it just dosen't get straight...

DO you guys know what should I do??

Thanks a lot!
go to a tech
Scientists write papers and books. Engineers make money.
S.W.A.G. ? Either bridge's too high or the body's pulled way up from tension. I *have* had some that the neck was pulled a bit; but that was long ago and far away on a couple of really old and beat arch tops

The thing is that my 2 guitars are new and they were that way when I first got it.

I'm really wondering what's wrong with that.

Techs in my area are not really good and it can take up to 2 months to have your guitar back so I'm not into that for now. I just bought the set up kit and the dvd from StewMAc but I can't figure out this problem.

THanks for your help!
Truss rods aren't for action adjustments. Sometimes action problems might be caused by the truss rod being out of whack, but we'll need a good, crisp picture looking down the side of the fretboard to be able to tell if this is the case.

edit: And yeah, techs are a waste of money sometimes. If the action is fine at the first frets and the neck is indeed not adjusted right, then it probably has backbow and the bridge is raised too high. But again- pictures, pictures, pictures.
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if you bought them new that way you should be able to take them back to wherever you bought them and tell them somethings up, right? Although I'm not familiar with where you're from. Or if the two month tech problem would come up...
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