You could "rent" a guitar for a few months. I have 3 guitar centers where I live. They offer 30 day returns. I "buy" a guitar, use it for 25 days and return it. GO to a different GC and buy the same guitar again, repeat process.

You can effectively "rent" a guitar for months. After 3 months of trying the same guitar, I kept the last one I bought. I love it now.
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You'd of course still need the money to actually buy it.

Not sure if serious about that red text.....
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Not sure if serious about that red text.....

Intellidjent people know how to pick, precisely.
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Intellidjent people know how to pick, precisely.

but not spell...
Oh you're one of those people.


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gitar center?
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but not spell...

I don't believe you get it...
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the major flaw in your logic is:

it may be the same model of guitar but it's still a different guitar. guitars are not made out of cloned pieces of wood.
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