Hey guys,

I just got given a guitar for free by my mum's friend. It's a little battered and bruised but I really like the neck on it and I've been looking for a project guitar for ages.

The first problem I need to address with it is that it's missing a saddle (the high E) which needs replacing. I did a little hunt for one but couldn't find ANY that were the right size, and now looking around I can't find any bridges that are the right size either.

The strings are spaced 10mm apart at the bridge, and the baseplate of the bridge is 75mm wide (measuring left to right across the guitar) and 40mm in length (going bottom to top up the guitar)

So i'm looking for a strat style hardtail which fits these dimensions, or a saddle that would fit onto the bridge. Either one will do me, I don't really mind which I get.

Any help is much appreciated.
heyy, check out this websitre called guitar fetsih. just search it on google. they have all sorts of stuff for guitar projects and I know you can get just saddles or a whole bridge at very cheap prices. there is about 12 dollar shipping though. they ship worlwode i think
It's an Encore guitar (yes, I know they suck) but I have no idea what model since it seems it's been discontinued.

But it's exactly the same as a guitar that's on a website that rhymes with D-Day

at http://www.d-day.co.uk/itm/electric-guitar-/180712871929?pt=UK_Musical_Instruments_Guitars_CV&hash=item2a135397f9

I'm not even sure that we can't link there but taking precautions because I remember someone saying we can't.

WEDIT: Guitarfetish is useless since they don't think they need to let you know the measurements of their bridges.
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Please, anyone? I wanna get this sorted before I get back to school and can get started on the project. I'll post pics if you help
go to your local shop, ask them if they can get one.
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50mm string spacing at the bridge is going to cause problems. I had an old Sunn Mustang that the owner wanted modded, it too had 50mm string spacing and I couldn't find a bridge or saddles for that spacing.

In the end, we went with a standard 52.5mm spaced bridge and opened up the neck pocket slightly for a new neck.

It wouldn't be worth spending that much money on an old Encore.

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