I have never shipped a guitar overseas but someone has offered to pay to ship to Germany. Of course they would have to pay in full via paypal before but I was hoping I could get some feedback if anyone has done something similar. Any tips and the like is appreciated! Thanks!
All the time. What's your issue?

Just wrap it properly and make sure you either insure it or you have proof the buyer didn't want insurance and accents the risk.

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do not ship without insurance period. also be clear that there would be no returns and have a statement from the buyer accepting this. be sure that any and all issues with the guitar are well documented and once again signed off on so to speak from the buyer. as already mentioned pack it preferably in a hard shell case as well as possible. now unfortunately the guitar will probably be inspected for customs purposes so your great wrap job may not be so great when it arrives. while some of this may seem a bit extreme keep in mind that once the guitar leaves the country it becomes rather difficult to have any say in what happens. getting even the insurance if there is a problem can be a nightmare. always get a signature for delivery and if possible make sure that the buyer is the one that signs.

paypal doesn't automatically mean you will get your money. if through ebay the buyer has to leave feedback for the funds to be released. they also tend to side with the buyer on any problems making it tough to get your cash as well.