Hello, forum

First time poster here.

I am posting about a problem with my guitar or its pickups, hoping someone can give me advice. The guitar is an ESP F Standard Sanskrit with active EMG pickups (60 & 81).

When I plugged the guitar into my amp (Peavey 6505) today, it was making a huge noise, like if I was touching the cable plug (only louder). I don't remember exactly how I made it go away, but I think I turned the pickup selector a couple of times. The noise stopped, but now the guitar produces a very weak signal. Clean, but very very weak, as when the volume knob is turned almost all the way down.

The problem is the same for both pickups, and I've tested the guitar on a different amp to be sure it's the guitar. I've also tested the 6505 with another guitar, and it's definitely the ESP that is the problem. The battery in the guitar was only a month old, and I've even tested with brand new batteries to be sure it's not the problem.

I have searched the internet as well as this forum without finding similar descriptions, but I'm still hoping someone could tell me what might be wrong. I'm not much of a tech guy, though. I don't even do any soldering, so I will be looking at expensive shop repairs, I suppose?

I'd like to add that I'm disappointed if something is broken. It's an ESP and wasn't exactly cheap. Just above two years old, and I've been really, really careful with it.

Any insight will be much appreciated.