I need some help getting THE Page sound out of my Vox AC15C1.

I don't think i can get his sound just with the distortion of the amp and want to know, if i need a pedal. If yes, which one should i get?
Light distortion, wah-wah, and some reverb. That'll do it really. Most of his live tones sound generally clean.
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Assuming you used a guitar with humbuckers, you can always reverse phase on one of them with a push/pull pot to get the quaky tone he used on some of his songs.

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while Page used a vox on some tracks in the early days much of his sound came from marshalls and odd ball amps like a supro along with a Les Paul and Tele or danelectro for most of his sounds (he did use other guitars in the studio as well). a big part of the page sound is his use of micing which obviously can't be duplicated. his live sound was pretty much LP into Marshall (and an orange head) with a wah and a line-booster and an echoplex.

with the right tools Page's live sound isn't to tough to duplicate. your vox really doesn't have the marshall balls needed though.