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My question to you is do you remember your first instrument. If so, please list it below.

My first instrument was a Esteban acoustic/electric guitar.
A crappy plastic flute.
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A casio keyboard. I've got it on my desk in front of me. Can't play it very well though xD
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piano. Rocked Frere Jacques as well!
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I rocked the shit out of Frère Jacques

Holy shit! I had the same exact one.

My first real instrument that I learned how to play was piano

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Violin, played it for 9 years.
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a 5 dollar plastic recorder. one time i site read Pachelbel's Canon in D in front of the whole class. strangely enough i could site read on recorder way better than i can on guitar. but my little sister used it for school and she broke it, and it was older than her. and then she lost the new one she got, so now there are no more recorders around the house for me to play.

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Holy shit! I had the same exact one.

My first real instrument that I learned how to play was piano

you trying to say recorder ain't a real instrument?
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Forced to play recorder when I was young... But first out of choice was my lightly singed Westfield BA1000 bass.
I started clarinet 8 years ago. With my dads great grandfather rosewood (real rosewood) clarinet. The thing is a vintage item. Worth many many thousands of dollars. currently sitting on my shelf. Anyone wanna trade?
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The first instrument I tried was an Oboe.

Bloody hard to play, when I was in middle school, and had my lesson right after PE, so was shattered.
Unsurprisingly, I gave it up after three months.

I grabbed a guitar about six years later.
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Piano, Saxaphone and then the guitar.
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First real instrument? An upright piano.
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Playing recorder in elementary school music class until we moved up to real instruments, where I picked up the alto sax.
The Guitar. Had it for 5 years and I can sill only play a beginner level
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Trombone. My band teacher made it boring as Hell, though, every note the brass section played was a whole note and the flutes and clarinets had all the interesting parts.
Recorder then Violin shortly after.

I played in orchestra for a while but my awesome orchestra teacher moved to Ireland and the next teacher hated me. My parents wouldn't let me leave but when I started to get D's in Jr. High Orchestra they started listening and made me play guitar. And now here I am.
recorder, then trumpet

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trumpet. i rocked that shit.
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First instrument I ever played was guitar. A crappy First Act acoustic with a terribly high action.

My Ibanez RG560L I got after that thing was a godsend.
Trumpet/cornet, which I started ten years ago. I've since played tenor horn, euphonium, baritone horn, and guitar.

Actually the first instrument I tried was my mums old classical guitar, but I couldn't play for shit and quickly gave up.
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My voice. I'm pretty sure that I was singing in choirs when I was six or seven. In terms of physical instruments though, I'm pretty sure it was a harmonica. I lost it when I moved from Vancouver to Calgary years ago though. It's really too bad...
A little casio keyboard.

I'd actually been considering getting into the keys recently, so I dug it out and tried to get it working. When I did, I realised that it only had four note polyphony...
My first instrument was a trumpet, back in year 3. I wish I had one. Mine was loaned out from the school and the school band was disbanded after the only teacher with any musical talent left the school.
squier se special, and i'm modding the guitar XD
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A Conn Director student model trombone. It was an old hand me down that my dad played in the 60's.
I'd say a plastic recorder, but I don't think that counts. After that, cello. I have one, but I can barely play it. I'd give anything to be able to play beautiful music on it.
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