hi ug I made ​​some mods ... all ok, sound quality now is fenomenal, until it appeared to me a defect. the reverb pot works like a tone control, controlling medium-high, the reverb still works, but it changes drastically the tone of the amp, seems to function as a capacitor in series with this ... only on the distortion channel.

This is my mods:

R114 to 1M (Input Impedance)
removed R122
Changed to R116 7k
Lowered to C149 470pF
Changed to R138 670k
Distortion Tone Stack to C2 = 470pF, R4 = 47k (Mesa, 5150, Sultan).

seems to have appeared after putting the capacitor C149 ... but I do not think I noticed before ... please help! on the distortion channel I use the reverb as a reverb tone control .... almost there ... is very distorted flagged ... you pass by a closed sound nasal sound too open and acid ... how can I help? it is possible that one of these mods have this side effect? please help! thanks (google translate... )