This isn't a post promoting our band...but just feedback on our new website (still under construction).


Comments etc are much appreciated.


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I feel like this could be still misconstrued as advertising. Be more specific what parts of the site you want feedback on, ie the layout, the graphic design, etc, and perhaps offer a template you'd like the feedback to be given in, such as "What's wrong, what should be done to fix or improve it."

Also, I can't get the link to work.
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Layout: a few too many pictures presented. In a lot of the smaller pictures, the font is a little to small to be readable. Obviously, they probably aren't as essential as the main frame in the cycling thingie.

Search bar: the background of the search bar is hard to pick out from the rest of the background. Maybe making that color stand out a little more would help.

Colors: a little too much gray/black. None of the fonts really stand out. A little more variance in contrast would help.

Other than that, it looks pretty good! Excuse my nitpicking, I'm all about usability so I get into this sort of thing Hope my feedback helps!
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In the banner at the top that scrolls through the images with the text at the bottom, I'd either change the color of the font or remove the words in the images, as the grey on white makes the font difficult to read.

I'll write more in here later, I'm kinda writing as I look through the site.
see those four squares? (RSS, facebook, twitter, weird block) they don't really fit. try making them custom to fit the color scheme of your website. off-key color like that is usually the bane of advertisements, and are the main reasons why they're so hated. they're not advertisements, so don't treat them like that and greyscale them or something.

if you want me to be honest, i don't really like the font. you need to find fonts that go well with eachother, and they don't really. the title looks unfitting in comparison to the sidebar fonts, making the sidebar look like an advertisement, like the boxes. make sure everything fits, it's your site, man. the word 'pages' looks really squished in comparison to the writing underneath.

the twitter updates seem to go off the sidelines a little.

the pictures behind the title look like they would work better if you either make it big enough to fill the entire page, or you make it half the page and make it in colour instead to create a better, more tasteful and fuller look. presuming you change the boxes.

on the 'welcome to our website' text on the slideshow, there's text running through the back on the picture. it's distracting and messy.

i feel like the smaller pictures should have a different, more linear font, and bigger, or no font at all.

that's all i can say, man. good luck, and remember, this is just my opinion.

EDIT: also, it's tradition to put the search bar on the right.
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Nice one guys...This site has been created by our mate within about 2/3 days so I'm super happy with how its looking.

I'll forward all this to the creator and see what he feels is best to do