Im building a rack .. have a few preamp yet .. but my ADA MP1 is getting modded 3.666 ( high gain monster ) .

so i was looking at the isp decimator rack .. the thing cost 400 $ ...

Why so expensive is there something particular with it .

Any alternative that could do the job for cheaper ?? damn thats almost the price of a pod HD or other preamp , multi effect .. just for a noise gate .

i had a budget in the 150/200 ish . but 400 is out of price to me .

unless someone tell me its really worth the 400 $ ... then ill think about it .

but i would prefer saving that money for a eleven rack .
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Does it have to be a rackmount? I'm sure you could get either of the ISP pedal ones for within your budget...
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rack stuff is just redic expensive. something for 100 bucks on the floor costs way more in a rack (i am looking at you dunlop crybaby wah). maybe they actually make it better and put better components in it, maybe the rack enclosure really costs that much more.

how about a pedal version of the decimator and you put it in a pedal drawer in the rack.
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You might just get the pedal version... they make one that has two outputs now.
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