Hey everyone. A few days ago I recorded my first attempt at vocals ever, and I was hoping I could get some feedback specifically on them.

Here's the video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SB290BLcCpQ&feature=channel_video_title

Although I sing quite often (usually jokingly), I've never considered myself to be a singer. I've been told that I have a good voice for someone who doesn't take singing seriously, but I have confidence issues. I tried recording vocals about half a year ago and absolutely cringed at what I was hearing (I do this with friends in public?!?! Dear lord!). But, about a week ago I bought my first decent mic and decided to attempt some vocals again.

I've just got a couple things that were concerning me...

- My best guess would be that in a lot of cases, your voice will sound better if you're confident and sing loud rather than softly and unsure. I had the house to myself so I belted these vocals out, but upon listening I felt it sounded unusually soft for how loud I had just been singing. I ended up double tracking the vocals and was a bit happier with how it sounded but I'm still amazed at how soft my vocals sound. Could anything be an issue here?

-Another thing is the way my voice sounds. The best way I could explain it is that it sounds... Breathy? I don't know how to explain this but maybe someone will understand.

Hopefully I can get some feedback, boost my confidence, and maybe try taking singing a little farther and more seriously. Thanks in advance!
Confidence and self esteem is always the fist barrier to being a good vocalist. Your voice fits very well with this cover, try doing other stuff to to see where you fit in.
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I liked it. Your voice sounds great. Everyone thinks their voice is kind of weird in the beginning, but you'll get used to it if you listen to it enough. Plug a mic into a speaker or an amp or anything you've got for that effect, and listen to yourself sing in real time. It helps a lot.

As for the breathiness, I get what you're saying. It makes your voice a bit more unique, and it doesn't compromise your good singing, so it's definitely a plus.
If this is your first attempt, you've got quite a future! Very impressive.

Also... dude... i listened to "cosmic euphany". it is so awesome
Thank you boxcarguy07... It's really great to hear all this positive feedback. And thank you! Even better to hear positive feedback on something that you've created on your own.