I have a vintage Ibanez WH-10 wah pedal, and the plastic case is beginning to crack. How should I repair the cracks? What glue should I use? I have Krazy glue, would that work? I also have Duco Cement.
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duck tape/duct tape

it's the only way.
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Pictures? you Krazy glue might work

Sorry, my camera is not available right now, but here is an attached picture showing where the crack is. There is a crack on both sides.
super glue always worked for me with this sort of stuff. My only thought is that there's a pretty good chance of it needing to be redone in the future. Good luck man.
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If you can pull the crack open a little bit when you apply the glue then that'd probably be good thing so it can seep in deeper.
A crack in that area of a pedal usually means that your pushing to hard on the stop of the pedal. I've seen this fixed before with glue but it broke again after some time.
I would be looking more at reinforcing the top of the pedal with a metal plate to stop the pedal bending in the first place as well as putting some glue in the crack to stop it spreading.
Alright, thanks. Yeah, I think I stomped on it on the wrong spot. I'll try putting a metal plate and gluing on the crack. But I'm too scared to open the crack further, in case I damage it more. The plastic is extremely old and fragile.