Hello, recently I started getting pain in my left wrist while playing(I am right handed) This is more if I play extended periods of time and only if I am standing up. I don't know if it would make a difference, but a broke a bone in my wrist a few years back. Does anyone know how I can prevent this from happening? I thought maybe raising my strap up a bit, but I'm not really sure. Thank you.
You wear the guitar to far down, therefore you have to bend your wrist more to access the fretboard.
If your guitar is set quite low when playing while standing, I suggest you to either set up the strap a bit as you wrote, or change your picking technique.
One thing that I should mention is that I have heared some kind of picks you can use to avoid this, since it's somehow twisted so the angle on the tip of the pick is different from regular ones, resulting in being able to hit the strings correctly without trouble while standing.
Forgot who made tham, but I guess you can just google it.
Hope this helps.

ps. having the guitar hanging low is cooler.
Quote by JB95
ps. having the guitar hanging low is cooler.

I'd rather look like a moron than sound like one. I wear my guitar up high.
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Well, it's not really that far down. I don't really care how far down it is as far as how cool it looks. It's not really worth an injury. Also it's my fretting hand, not picking hand. I think I'll give raising the guitar a bit higher a try.
I don't think it looks cool at all if your guitar is low, it looks lame inmo. So yeah look in a mirror. I think just above the waist is decent, usually.

Also anchoring can cause pains I believe. This is because there's way more tension in your muscles when you're resting on something.

PS I didn't read any of the posts so don't flame.
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If you push your hand down like your folding your wrist, does a bump appear? I had a wrist injury and now when my wrist gets annoyed the fluid that cushions the joint gets pushed outward by the inflammation. Its been like 3 years and i still haven't gotten it sucked out!

Definitely raise your strap...play it like a guy from the '50's and see if it helps.
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