My low E string's intonataion is always sharp, I properly tune it, do harmonic 12th fret make sure its tune right, then I fret the 12th fret and its sharp, i adjust the saddle by moving it back and it does nothing. Its always sharp, I only have this problem on me low E string,all the other strings are just fine. The strings are only 5 days old. whats wrong?
All I can suggest is that you check that your low E string is on your guitar properly. Is it sitting in the saddle properly? It's not sticking 'up' instead of laying over the saddle, is it? If it's a floating bridge where you cut the ball end off, you didn't put the string on backwards, did you? I had both of those problems before: I put the string the right way around, and in the other case I bent the string so it would sit properly over the saddle. That's all I can offer, I'm afraid.
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