So I'm going to replace the pickups on one of my strats with p90s... yes p90s.
I'll probably wood mount them and will have mod the pickguard.
So my question is.... What are decent/goodish p90s for a good price?
and yes I'm gonna do 3 p90s with the 5 way switch.
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you just need a p90 pickguard

they mak those, to fit strats?
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warmoth makes custom pickguards

Where's Waldo?

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warmoth makes custom pickguards

they wont do a p90 on the bridge with the volume knob in the same spot.
so... moving on... good p90 pickup?
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If you do the bridge p90 option, select the delonge volume position! there you are.

i saw that, but im afriad i wont be able to reach it, I use the volume in playing.

Anyone know anything bout GFS pickups? Also Should i get Dogear or no?
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yea i know. I do P90 in bridge and it takes away the volume knob hole

also another P90 suggestions? for blues-blues/rock-rock

Drill the hole wherever you want it. Seems like the easiest solution.