This is my last thread ... for today .

Just wanna know .. im building a rack and wonder if im gonna take 4u 6u 8u . now a poweramp is heavy and usually 2 rack space .

so my question , using my preamps (rack) into i.e a Mesa simul class 2:90 or using a mesa boogie mark III simul-class head . both use simul class el34/6l6 simultaneously

is the sound gonna be significally different ?

i just wanna know if i should go power amp or amp head . if theres no major difference , then i would probably grab a head cause i would benefit of the amp dirty channel of the amp also .

cause power amp are almost if not more expensive than heaving a combo /head .

thank you

power amp vs amp head : whats the good and bad of both . ?
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i just run my rack into my windsor head do what works good for you is all i can say
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