Sounds pretty good I think. The guitars are very sharp and percussive sounding, I also like the snare.

From a production standpoint I think this track would benafit greatly from re-recording the guitars will a real amp. While the current guitar tracks sound good, they have that fizziness that is kind of inescapable with digital/direct guitars. I also think the cymbals would benafit from being run through a hi-pass filter.

Musically speaking, everything works fine, but if this track is meant to be an instrumental, then I would say it needs more in order to keeps the listener interested. If you plan on adding vocals to it, then it could be just fine they way it is depending on the singer. Maybe it could use a guitar solo?

Good job overall.

I gotta say my only complaint with this is that the guitars are pretty thin and trebley, for sludge I like there to be a lot of bass, bordering (or totally overflowing) into territory that most would deem 'muddy'
But yeah, otherwise, this is a beautiful, groovy and brutal piece of music. I especially like the clean guitar interplay around from around 2 minutes onwards.

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The tones are a bit sharp, like the others noted. I'm not really a fan of super high tones, so this really turns me off, tbh. & Like Dream Pin said, I also prefer a huge, sludgy, NASTY, thick borderline fuzzy tone for sludge and stoner stuff. But besides that, no complaints really, production-wise.

This song's really sick. Really like the riffs, and the drum patters sound cool. Really dig the clean parts, they sound great! I felt like it could use a lot more lead/solos as an instrumental piece, though. Even if you planned to add vocals later, I still think it could use some lead parts. It was a little long for me, & the fact their weren't any stand out leading-melodic lines (Guitar, Synth, Singing, whatever) for a lot of the parts made it feel like it was dragging on a bit, and it got dull, to be completely honest. Not "boring", just it felt like it was missing something.

Overall though, it sounded pretty sweet.

C4C: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=27953232#post27953232
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I'm of the school that enjoys riffs more than anything else, and yours are good, so I don't think you need any more leads. Nice trippy sections and speed-up halfway. It maintained my interest for the most part, but I'd say the length could be trimmed to about 6:00 for more of an effect.

Just needs the trebles toning down a touch to make it easier on the ears because it's quite a long piece.

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Dude these software drums sound sick, as for the guitars, nice sludgy riffs with a lot of crunch. It's cool to see you incorporate clean elements. My advice to you would be to add more bass to your tone, or just turn the treble down. I also think it's a bit lengthy and could be edited down a bit. Add guitar solos or vocals though. hope this helps, critique my shit https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1473926