I am in a current 2-piece project in search of a drummer, I am the harsh vocalist and bass player and my partner is a guitar player who can sing decently. We need a drummer who is between the ages of 15-19 (I am 17 and he is only 15).

We are looking for some one who has a kit (even if you have an electric kit that is fine) and all equipment for it. Must be willing to work with two other musicians.

Style wise we plan on being rooted in Punk, Hardcore, Post-Hardcore, and Rock. We do plan to be a Christian band, so please keep that in mind.

To audition please do the following:

- Send me a video of you playing:
- The Party Song by Emery
- A song of your choice OR you just goofing around

you can send that to my UG page or to my email address