Does anyone know anything about this Gibson Les Paul Double Cutaway Electric Guitar? Now I'm thinking upgrading my old guitar(My last one is a Silver Creek D-160 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar, not good for me actually ). This gibson just attracted me at the first sight. But I'm not sure it is that good. I'm sure there are loads of proffessionals out there. Plz give me some clues. Thanks. (My budget is around $1000)
Personally, I love them, but as with any guitar, you have to play it yourself and find out if you like it.
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les pauls are great guitars. They are heavy rich tone monsters. They are not loved by all but personally i think they are really great.
Les Pauls are great guitars, but they're definitely not for everyone. I would definitely play one before buying.

They have a very characteristic, powerful, thick tone and overdrive amps really really well. That and the iconic good looks are the primary selling points.

The downsides of a Les Paul are also pretty significant, however. First of all, the weigh a metric f*** ton. If you're used to a strat (or, heck, almost any other guitar out there) an hour of jamming with a Lester will have your shoulder ache.

They tend to have really thick necks (although there are a couple of different neck shapes available). The upper fret access isn't great, either. These two factors make them not the ideal choice for someone who really wants to shred. They're more guitars for somebody who wants to make their notes really count than for someone who really wants to count notes.

But a lot of the greats - Clapton with Cream, Page, Allman - played Les Pauls. So clearly there's something about them that a lot of people love. But definitely not for everyone, either.
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Well all I have to say is Gary Moore had one, and it sounded like angels singing to me (not that I believe in angels but if they existed and if they sang theyd sing like Moore playing the long solo in still got the blues...) so when I get some moore money (one day) the next guitar I buy will be a lemon burst Gibson LP BFG.