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Apologies if this is old news.

I stumbled across this cool little program called Super Analyser and basically what it does is gives you information in the form of neat charts about your iTunes library, like overall time spent listening to music, word that appears most in a song title, average play count, library growth rate etc.

Here's a link to the site if you want to check it out, I thought it would be cool to share data in a nerdy kind of way.


Here's a few of mine:

Track count: 4810
Total play count: 45,770
Most songs played at: 3:00 PM
Average track length: 4.7 minutes
Average play count: 9.5
Average growth rate: 96.2 songs per week
hmm, seems pretty cool.

Track Count: 2,465
Play Count: 37,889
Album Count: 270
Time Played: 3.1 months
Artist Count: 109
Average Play Count: 15.4 plays per song
Average Album Completion: 31% (That doesn't sound right at all, I usually get full albums)
Most Songs PLayed At: 5:00PM

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Track count: 3598
Total play count: 2364
Most songs played at: 9:00 PM
Average track length: 3.8 minutes
Average play count: 0.7
Average growth rate: 112.4 songs per week

I didn't realise I used itunes as much as this
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Well I'm never on it really I use my CD player so I didn't think I'd have that many plays....I don't get the 0.7 either

You have over 3000 songs but don't even have 3000 plays. That's why the play count is so low.

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she was saying things like... do you want to netflix and chill but just the chill part...too bad she'll never know that I only like the Netflix part...
This shit is confusing as fuck to figure out. So I deleted it
Track Count: 22,778 Tracks
Play Count: 22,860 tracks played
Most songs played at: 2:00 PM
Avg Track Length: 4.3 Minutes
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I only use itunes to download free podcasts.
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So this is like Last.fm but I have to download shit?

Its kinda different. Just go with last.fm though, its way cooler imo

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<= last.fm

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Track Count: 2,346
Play Count: 2,315
Album Count: 328
Time Played: 1,1 week
Artist Count: 129
Average Play Count: 1 plays per song
Average Album Completion: 93%
Most Songs Played At: 21:00PM
Track Count: 4,500 tracks
Play Count: 5,104 tracks played
Total Time: 1.9 weeks
Total Play Time: 2.2 weeks
Artist Count: 297 artists
Album Count: 570 albums
Genre Count: 120 genres
Most Songs Played At: 9:00 PM
Average Track Length: 4.3 minutes
Average Play Count: 1.1 plays per song
Average Album Completeness: 45% complete
Complete Albums: 18% are complete
Average Bit Rate: 198.2 kbps
Average File Size: 6.2 MB
Total Library Size: 27.0 GB
All Songs Played: 54% played at least once
Compilations: 3%
Library Age: 1.1 years
Average Growth Rate: 78.9 songs/week
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Track Count: 12,714 Tracks
Play Count: 15,313 Tracks Played
Total Time: 1.3 Months
Total Play Time: 1.4 Months
Artist Count: 485 Artists
Album Count: 1,458 Albums
Genre Count: 26 Genres
Most Songs Played At: 6:00 PM
Average Track Length: 4.3 Minutes
Average Play Count: 1.2 Plays per Song
Average Album Completeness: 96% Complete
Complete Albums: 69% are Complete
Average Bitrate: 239.1 kbps
Average File Size: 7.6 MB
Total Library Size: 94.6 GB
All Songs Played: 16% Played At Least Once
Compilations: 0%
Library Age: 3.0 Years
Average Growth Rate: 82 Songs/Week
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