I just picked up my first tube amp. Its a Mesa boogie studio caliber dc-2. I got a new set of tubes to put in it. Should i put them in myself or have a shop do it?
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Either way, without doing any further research, I am 95% confident you can do this yourself. Make sure you have matched power tubes. If you have to pull the chassis - don't touch anything on the inside or you may die. Just gently pull the old tubes out by rocking them back and forth a bit and pulling strait up. Spray some contact cleaner on the pins of the new tube (highly recommended) and line up the pins and work them back in. Make sure they are pushed down all the way. Look at the tubes when you fire the amp back up for relatively even brightness. Anything too bright and shut it down and follow a different set of steps.

if you need any more help than that I've got a blog on power tubes and a video on preamp tube replacement if you are interested.

Congrats on the Mesa - that is a cool amp.

NAD thread at all?
Is the amp used? If it's new, I don't see any reason to change the tubes just yet.
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yea its used, the guy i bought it from gave me a brand new set of tubes. also where is that video 311zosovhjh?
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