Okay so I use to have this old video camera from like the early 90's, and my family has a bunch of christmas videos and stuff that we recorded with it, as well as the wrestling matches me and my friends used to have (I know...).

Anyway, the tapes it used to record on were basically mini versions of a VHS tape. Like the same thing but smaller. Then you would place those tapes inside a regular sized VHS tape, only its was like blank, so the smaller one would fit inside the bigger one then it would play in the VHS player.

So my question is, whats the name of those VHS container things that you put the camcorder cassette thingy in? I'm trying to find one but the technology is so outdates and I don't know what to call it. Thanks for any help!
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VHS-C adapter
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VHS-C adapter

Holy crap, thats it. Thanks a ton man.

edit: haha, thanks too, horsedick.
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