My Epi SG Faded Cherry is here and I'm chuffed to bits! That is all.
Pics or it didn't happen. LOL

Congrats dude! have fun!
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This is terrible advice. Even worse than the useless dry, sarcastic comment I made.

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I'm too old for the Jim Morrison look now. When I was gigging I had a fine arse.
Ok, Well Ive had a bit of a go at my lovely ne SG G400 Epi. First and foremost, im no gun guitar player but I do know what I like to hear. So far, I really like the neck compared to the cramped up fender and Jackson which I feel doesnt have enough room between the strings. To me the SG has more of a acoustic guitar feel about it, sits nice on the thigh when sitting in about the right place with the high frets in a sensible place in reference to my bodies centre line as opposed to the fender style which is too far towards centre which inturns constricts what I can do as far as bends and hammer on pull offs on high frets.
Also, I very much like the volume pot for each pick up which I think may be a mod worth doing to my strat copy and either turf the 2 tone pots or get another pick guard with 3 volume pots and the single tone pot.
Another thing I like is the nicer sounds I can achieve when palm muting as against the complete muffling I get from both the stratofaker and the Jackson. I think it has a lot to do with the hardtail back end but as I said, Im not gun. One thing I have noticed is that it plays things like the solo out of still got the blues actually sounding like and LP and not like a start trying to hard. I like that it bends strings much nicer than the stratofaker and a little better than the Jackson and I guess that has a lot to do with neck radiuses and stuff. I read somewhere that SG's a re crap for playing chords but I cant fault it. After compensating for the extra gap between strings which isnt a biggy because I learnt chords on a big old acoustic anyway, the chords seem to come out nice and warm. I havent run it through the clean channel yet but I have dropped the gain, limiter and presence down a few notches on my amp and slipped to rhytum on the guitar and sounds lovely and mellow.
All in all, I am very happey with this guitar. I got it from a music store in Sydney sight unseen for the princely sum of $399 Australian plus $30 postage/handling. Retail price for this guitar is around $599 everywhere else and here in Nth Queensland where I am they have them at both of the music shops here for about a grand. So for $429 all said and done, Im very happy.