Hey UG, I just joined a band playing on bass.
My amp (A Marshall MB 30) just is not loud enough to get over the mix.
The band plays "Metal"
(BFMV, a7x, etc.)

My Bass is an Epiphone Goth Extreme

Budget would be like $300.00
(if this just isn't enough let me know)

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How many people are in your band? How loud is your drummer? What size venues do you expect to play?

For $50.00 more, you could look at Acoustic's B200 1x15 combo, which is pretty good:


Now if your guitarists are playing through 100-watt amplifiers or your drummer plays like an artillery barrage, you're going to need some serious firepower to keep up. If you can handle $620.00, look at Carvin's BR510N 2x10 combo:


I am assuming you don't have a bass cabinet already. If you do, then your options increase considerably. Take a look at Carvin's BX500 head at about $380.00:

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I mean... are you are playing with guitarists who got 1x12 combos and do coffee shop gigs?

Ashdown MAG 300 is your best bet for just a head in that price range. It will come down to cabs... you need at least a high quality 4x10 (Mesa is my favorite), 6x10, or a 1x15/2x10 combo to have enough volume not to worry about things if you EQ for "cut" (not some dub sound which is real "bassy").

If you have a "thunderous" drummer and loud guitarists using half stacks and tube amps, you're screwed... budget at least $1k to get a rig, and that is if you go used.
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