How can I use effects to make my guitar sound bigger ad more full? There's only one guitar in my band, so ya know.

Which effects and how to use them please and thank you
More mids, that's what the guitar is for, unless your Metallica. Lars, is that you trying to find suggestions for recording your next album?
What genre do you play? I used a really fast delay with 2-3 repeats when my band didn't have a seccond guitarist also try a boost that usually works too those two effects should help you sound massive.

Edit: I play metal so um yeah a long delay is kinda silly at 200+ bpm. Also I run a voodoo lab micro vibe and bbe sonic stomp as well. It definatly doesn't sound like one guitar it sounds more like 5 lol
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hook your amp into another amp bam two guitars

Actually, it'll just fill out the low end a bit--for a two guitar effect you need delay or chorus.
You could also try splitting your signal so it goes to both a guitar amp, and through something like a Micro POG set one octave down into a bass amp.
Oh, and you could do the multiple amp thing with really, really long cables--that would help the illusion of multiple guitars.
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A bit of reverb does good. Delay on solos for sure.

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I've heard some folks use both overdrive AND distortion at the same time for metal tones. While I don't myself care for it, it DOES make your guitar sound very big.
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Srsly: I use a chorus and slight reverb for rhythm sounds. Light delay and a barely recognizable octave sound for most lead.
to get a really big sound there are a few things that really help. The first is playing through two amps. I have a ABY box that allows me to play two amps at once. You could also use an EQ pedal to beef up your sound then after that use some slight reverb to get maybe a arena sound or a large hall sound, then you could use a slight amount or chorus or maybe some slight delay. The effects thing is a good idea but a better idea is playing through two amps. I do this to record sometimes and it sounds massive. Most of the time i have to compress my sound quite a bit because it was too much. Also use humbuckers to get a bigger sound, most single coils dont get the ummph that humbuckers do.

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+1 mids all the way. a guitar is a mid-range instrument, and is meant to be EQ'd as one.

if you already use a decent amount of mids, as mentioned, reverb adds quite a bit, a little big of delay on leads works well, just make sure it doesn't get sloppy as such.

what i would do if i were in a band with one guitarist, i would try to have a cab on each side of the stage if you aren't being mic'd up (hopefully you are), don't go crazy with 4x12"s, they do tend to project better so you could, but what i would do and have done is take two 2x12"s and turn them vertical, one at each side of the stage.
Since people are talking ouside the context of effects, I agree with the general sentiment that you might want to actually *boost* mids to get a nice full tone. While one may be tempted to turn the bass up, after a point that will likely just get boomy in an undesirable way. Unless it's done subtley and is in a context that works, the sound of a "scooped" tone is dreadful to my ears at this stage.

That said, different amps are voiced differently, and react differently to different kinds of guitars being plugged into them, so you may want to experiment.
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i'm a big fan of chorus and reverb for adding bit more depth to ya sound.
discreet chorus i might add.
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i think in most cases like this it's not so much FX, it's how you play.

try to play a guitar part that sounds "bigger" and voila, your guitar will sound bigger. because otherwise if you just keep on using FX to patch things up rather than improving what you play, you'll end up sounding like joy division.

obviously if your tone isn't sitting in the mix properly it's gonna sound like an empty mess no matter what you're doing with it - but that's what your EQs are for - use them to 'equalise' your guitar's tone.
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Thicker strings, aggressive pick attack, working the dynamics with playing techniques such as muting and pick control all works nicely. In terms of effects, chorus, delay, reverb can all add space to the sound. Overuse will muddy up your sound though.
A boost in front of your amp like a barely gained tube screamer or clean boost can tighten the amp up. Add more mids in your EQ. It all helps give a fuller sound.

I see someone mentioned the two amp trick lol.
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Agree with the mids answer and a few others up there, but there is of course the octaver trick...

If you take an octave pedal with a blend knob (might be called something else on various pedals but essentially a knob that blends octaves) and turn it up fairly high (to taste) you can get a much thicker sound... as used by many 1 guitar metal bands, such as Drowning Pool.
Delay, Mids, Chorus, Volume, Mids, Reverb.
(use effects sparingly though, don't want to make it sound muddy and/or dreadful)

Open chords and overdrive.

And... play big. Big chords, big melodies.
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i play power trio, i need to sound bigger than i really am. i will admit i have gone a bit overboard but i use 3 amps (two wet amps in stereo and a dry amp).

guitar -> wah -> boost -> od -> fuzz -> a/b/y

out a -> amp a

out b -> HOG -> ring mod -> vibe -> chorus -> reverb -> delay

i use a stereo delay and send both stereo outs to a stereo phaser and then send those stereo outs to amp b and amp c.

amp a is what i consider my 'dry' amp, and it is either a orange OR50H or my JTM45 copy going into a closed back PPC212 with 2 different webers in them (alnico blue dog, ceramic silver bell).

amp b is a music man 115-65. it has a 15" ceramic speaker in it.

amp c is a THD bivalve going into a 1x12 cab loaded with an alnico eminence 1228K.

the idea is that i am running a very diverse mixture of speakers and amps (push/pull, class A, american, brit, different tubes, different speakers, open back, closed back, etc). this allows for different amps to react differently to different effects and tones and works very well actually. i will also warn that utilizing such a setup takes a bunch of practice. sounding 'bigger' is not just gaining more equipment, it is much more about learning how to use it.

edit: i have clips, might as well use them



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