This is my bands first time going into a studio. We have recorded before at a friends house but you know. What all do we need to know and expect? We would prefer to record live?
Know your parts really. Nothing helps a studio session go smoothly like everybody knowing their parts for songs! Try to play it the best you can the first time around to limit the amount of takes you need to do, which in turn = studio time that isn't wasted!
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^ If you're band is well rehearsed, the recording should be a walk in the park.
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Be sure to warm up. Are you Producing/Engineering the session yourselves?
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Make sure your band is well rehearsed in every aspect. As a guitar player, make sure you have any solos that are a "work in progress" completed before you get to them - it will save you a lot of time and money. There's nothing that can hold a band back more than people that haven't done their homework before recording.

Don't expect too much from the engineer. It's their job to get a good tone, volume, and mix of instruments, not to give opinions on songwriting. Be sure to let them know what kind of tone you are looking for and be prepared to do things differently than you have when you recorded. A lot of effects can be put in post production, and many engineers like to have a minimal amount of effects on guitars. Don't be afraid to fight them on that, though.

Be prepared to listen to things with fresh ears. Don't be afraid to go away from a recording and come back to it when mixing.

Be prepared to have everyone in the band wanting things their way and nobody quite getting it.
Forgot the most important thing - make sure to get as close as you can to the tone you're looking for when recording. That goes for every instrument. Get the sound that you want before recording. There's a lot that can be done in the mixdown, but getting a really good tone before doing post production will help you save a lot of time in the end.
My biggest advice is, Everything must sound good otherwise the recording won't be good.

If your recording tones suck, your album tones will suck.
If the playing sucks, then the playing on the album sucks.
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My advice is not to be lazy and actually put some stern effort into it - if you're working with a good engineer, all you need is to know your limits, know your music and focus...

I say not to be lazy though, because if you put as much effort into your music as you do looking to see if someone else has posted the same thread already (one of which is also on the front page of this forum section!) then I don't have much hope for the effort you put into anything else.

I strongly believe there are now only a handful of threads left that haven't been repeated by searchbar-challenged people several times over without a care in the world. Seriously, loads of people answered this roughly a day ago - use your damn eyes.

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Even though this may seem like common sense, you may want to restring your guitars and bass so your instruments can sound as good as they can before recording begins. Also, if you are using your own drums, replace drum heads and tune correctly
Don't let anyone get too drunk/high while recording

Also, if you know its gonna be a while between takes, go grab food
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