So I'm going to college in 11 days and I need to get a decent practice setup.

At home I have a halfstack and pedals and the like, but that is clearly not going to college with me.

I have a sweet laptop, decent speakers, and an really good pair of sennheiser IEM's.

What I need, is something to plug my guitar directly into my computer with so I can practice/record/etc. I have used the line 6 ux1, and I had to many problems with it to want to use it, so i sold it.

I want something similar, but I don't know what. The Jamvox perhaps? Any thoughts?
I use a lexicon lambda (alpha is the single input version) and thats worked really well with me on garage band, FLstudio and logic. i dont love it for actual playing but for headphones and recording, my line 6 spider 3 doesnt do too bad. good luck with your first semester man, enjoy the hell out of it
do you have a PC or a Mac, and what problem were you having with the Line 6 ux1?

i am no expert on any of this, just thought i could get you a jump on what the next person would ask.

i used guitar port a long time ago, and i imagine that the ux1 is similar, but wouldn't be able to help you with it.

there are tons of these threads around here (you are the third one i have seen in the last half hour), look for other ideas in some of those.
I've never used anything but my RP150. It has a cool effect editing interface with X-Edit. You can line in record with it. I dunno, though, I've never had experience with anything else, so it could totally suck. Haha. I like it though. If you go with Digitech probably RP255 is the best+cheapest.
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Focusrite Saffire 6. I have one and it's amazing, perfect sound quality and you can either record or play "live" using Amplitube, Guitar Rig etc.
what issues did you have with the ux1? i've used the gx just for headphone playing and had no problems with it? also how much are you willing to pay? may help suggest you something
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The rp355 has a great computer patch editor called x edit. The recording quality is great and I highly recommend it.
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I've got a pc. Also, I'd only like to spend about $100. The focusrite is another item I've been looking to get. So Maybe I'll get that instead?

I have a hatred for line 6 for some reason. The UX1 I got was literally a shitstorm of problems.
Quote by TheMastodon

I have a hatred for line 6 for some reason. The UX1 I got was literally a shitstorm of problems.

PODs are one of the few things that Line 6 makes of actual quality. It's what I used all throughout college. Never had a single problem and haven't played anything I'd rather have in terms of convenience/value.
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I used Line 6 POD Farm with the UX1, but in retrospect I would go with the UX2 since it has phantom power if you ever want to take recording somewhat seriously.
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