(Warning: Potentially gross and ****ed up descriptions ahead).

So, pit. I was curious as to what's the most messed up thing you've seen online? Since I'm assuming it would be online, not in person. But if it was in person then... More power to you? Also, please don't post the picture or the link to the video or anything of that sort. If anyone's curious, do that shit over pm. But I would like to warn squeamish people, that I suppose there'd be uneasy descriptions ahead.

This comes from the fact that I just saw a video of three babies being buried alive. I've seen worse, but it's what brought up this thread idea.
Half the things I've witnessed in The Pit have been pretty messed up at times
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Some dude diving off a high dock, only to hit a smaller cement base right next to the water a good 20+ feet below. Dude smashes his face right on the edge, then floats in the water a bit. The video cuts to a hospital and the doctors have to literally hold the two halves of his face together.

Shit's gnarly, yo.

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Mr Hands/2 guys 1 horse.

Especially the moment it goes in.
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seriously though, "shock" videos don't usually phase me for some reason, but 3 guys 1 hammer..... don't know, just something about it got me
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Mr Hands/2 guys 1 horse.

Especially the moment it goes in.

As much as I hate to say it, that's relatively tame compared to the stuff that's out there
sorry, gonna close this before someone says/posts something that gets them banned.

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