Greetings !

I bring with me today, for your listening delictation, an esoteric musing from beyond the veil!
Suffocating blastbeats, dissonant grindcore groovefests and journeys throughout the ancient, sacred halls of illuministic knowledge and awareness!!
(Always watching ....)

Please enjoy and link any music you would like me to listen to (: All genres, sounds, moods and WORLDS!


The track can also be found on my profile
Totally diggin' it! Very Gorguts-ish. Vocals are just absolutely gutteral and beautifully done. BRUTAL riffs everywhere. Love the little Evoken-like atmospheric bit at 1:50. I also really like that bass tone, needs to be turned up more, same thing for drums. The guitar tone is pretty wicked heavy for the most part just needs some treble, it was a tad muddy. Overall this is ssssiiiiicck. Love it. Keep it up.

P.S. Thanks for the crit!
This is seriously awesome! Especially the guitar parts. Hot damn, boy! It's like the heaviest parts of Opeth, times 1000x, with blast beats and more death growls. XD Really dig your riffs, and that build up at around 1:50- till the breakdown(or whatever it is!) was amazing. Really, really heavy.

And your tone's pretty sick. I was only listening with my lap top's speakers and not a good pair of headphones, but I'd disagree about the tone needing more treble. It was really nice and thick, very smooth top-end. Liked it a lot.

I'm not a huge fan of grind, but I thought the really fast blastbeats mixed in with the song a lot. My only complaint, would be that I didn't really care for the vocals, but I've always been that way about growls. I only like them occasionally in each song, with mainly middle and high screams. But really that's not a critique, just a personal preference. XD

All around, a good track! Really liked it man. Keep 'em coming!
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totally awesome man! FAT groove at 2:30, loving that part. also LOVE the note choice for your transition at 2:38, that part really reminds me of opeth. the last 40 seconds or so are just pure chaos. killer track dude, it feels like ive just finished a spiritual quest or something
Liking the textures at 1:00 with the reverbing lead guitar. Nice, menacingly quiet riff at 2:00. Tempted to turn this up loud enough to annoy neighbours. Powerful stuff, still building at 3:30, until the fade out eases the tension somewhat. Enjoyable music. It sounds like you mean it, which is essential in music of this kind.

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