So I basically mainly play guitar, but had been thinking about trying out drums for a while, since it looks like tons of fun and obviously, I'm sold on anything that involves hitting something really hard.
So I went to a drum lesson and OH MY GOD was it AMAZING...I swear I didn't want to leave, it was so good, I have missed out on life so far and while I still think guitar is awesome, DRUMS ARE THE SH*T have basically been airdrumming since the lesson and going back for more...I'm going to have to start selling myself on the street to afford a drumkit of my own though...
well, anyways, just thought I'd share.
Nice, could always use more drummers.

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Always good to hear someone finding a new passion for an instrument, and if you can keep that passion you'll improve easily and enjoy it as well. Congrats to you and as AmericanZero said, welcome to the team
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same here dude!!!! i mainly play guitar but picked up a drum kit for fun and im loving it!!!!!! although i do need alot of practice lol
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