I'm thinking of getting an small amplifier I can carry around with me easily. Nothing too expensive, but nothing too mediocre either. I was eyeing a small Marshall I found in a local store, and also a Mini Cube. But I'm also interested in nRectifiers. Suggestions?
What styles do you play? ... and don't get a MG.
How loud do you need it? Seeing as you're looking at a micro cube, I guess you won't need it for much more than practice and jamming without a drummer?

I have a Blackstar HT-1 which is a nice little 1 watt valve amp. Plenty of tone, handles a good few styles and has the gain for hard rock and all but the heaviest metal. simple, and pretty cheap. It's a good little practice amp. If you need more clean headroom and an fx loop, the ht5 is a step up, but a bit pricier. You can hook both up to a cab too which will improve your tone for bedroom playing.
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Avoid the MG.

Roland Microcubes are well liked, last time i checked they could be battery powered too (if that's what you need). The modelling sounds are pretty good for the size and price too. However, it will not ever be louder than a drummer.

What do you want this small amp for? busking on the street? or carrying to band practices?
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