Hi, I'm new to UG forums, but I just wanted to ask a question.
I have recently got a Richwood 135 in Storm Grey, I think.
Does anyone happen to know if all the hardwear should be gold, e.g. machine heads, tailpiece, etc, as mine is all chrome.
Have I been ripped off by my local guitar shop???????
Thanx for that Lespauljames, but i take it you mean that its a preference from when you buy it new?
Cheers for that fella.
Just out of interest do you or anyone happen to know where abouts i might find the serial number, because it came without it's certificate of aunthentication, which i was a littel peed off at coz i know it's one of only 168 worldwide.
Despite these little concerns i have to say it is a gorgeous guitar to play and certainly worth the money that i paid or it