I'm after a guitar tuner pedal of some sort, and I'm leaning towards a Korg Pitchblack. However, I'll consider anything, so let me see what you've got.

I stay in the UK, but I would consider buying one from anywhere on the planet.

How much would you be after, including shipping to the UK?
I've got a TC Electronic Polytune I might be looking to sell. Only a month or two old. Make me an offer if you're interested?
Hi Boav, I dunno if you saw my post in my thread, but I don't appear to have received your PM for some reason or other, you can email me at jhughes748<at>gmail<dot>com if it doesn't start working at some point.
Badgerific, if you want to make an offer on the polytune, could you send it to my email address (listed above)? I tried to PM you but it doesn't seem to be working at my end for some reason.
Ignore this topic now folks. Got the Polytune off Cheames.