Ok, I've purchased an electric guitar a month ago but I've no guitar amp yet (i'm saving to buy a decent one as soon as possible), for now I'm playing my guitar through a four channel mixer and two 200 watt speakers (I don't plug the guitar directly into the mixer due to noises, I plug it into a DI Box first). Now I was wondering if I can use a wah wah pedal with the mixer, because I got a good deal at a local store for a barely used crybaby classic. I think I'm going to buy it anyway since I will have a guitar amp sooner or later, but I'd like to know if I can use it with my mixer as well ?
Aye, There isn't really a reason why not. Just google it if you don't feel sure and there will probably be an article about it. Or ask the guy in the music store. He should know.
Yes, it'd be fine. It won't sound amazing but who cares? It'd be fun.
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