and as usual, i really want to try out the drums. but i've been going on the same £300 mess i always go on, so i thought i'd treat myself to the electronic £2500+ roland kit in the corner on a stand. i ask permission, and i sit down on the stool, put on the amazing ear-sexing headphones and turn it on.

that first hi-hat/bass pedal i hit simultaneously lead my heart to start running twice its speed after a skip and a powerful heart palpitation, i then explode my phallus and i can't help but release a 'ooooohhhhhfdodoooh'. the manager of the store looks at me with the 'oh look, it's his first play on the roland', so that's my invitation to carry on.

i then move on to play other 4/4 beats while my heart is following along but at twice its speed and i'm literally laughing with joy as the sound of the beautiful almost humanly voice box of the kit bursts into my ears in a fashion that isn't too hard, isn't too soft, and is perfectly clear that would pass for studio quality if i plugged it into garageband, and i continue to play for the next half an hour. it was the best musical experience of my life.

so, when was the first time you tried your dream/favorite/goal drumkit?
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I had the same thing when I tried the Roland TD-20kx for the first time. I haven't had much experience with electric kits, but that one sounded and felt awesome to play.
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Yes I played a really nice Yamaha electric set on Sunday. Ideally I'd like an acoustic set but because of space/noise issues and what not I'll probably have to settle on a electric kit(someday). If I had the money though, The big Roland set would be mine.
Ah Roland TD-20KX, loved it, if I had the money I'd buy that and the Zildjian Gen-16 electronic cymbals
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I pretty much got my dream kit. The only thing i'd really change would be maple shells instead, but as of right now my stuff sounds awesome. lol
Sounds like a story from a book hahhhh
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Bad news, as result of the earthquakes in Japan, Roland can no longer produce the TD12s or the TD20s...
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You guys that say you're dream kits are electric, have you ever played a decent acoustic kit? I have honestly never found an electric drum kit that I enjoyed playing more than even my own shitty acoustic kit.