I've looked around on the forum and google, but I couldn't find anything specific.

I'm in a band with another guitarist, a bassist, a keyboard and drums. We use a PA system every time we gig, so I'll be miced up for the audience, but not during rehearsals.

I'd like to know, for both tube and SS amps, how many watts I would need so I can hear myself on stage (through my own amp, not through monitors), and for everyone to be able to hear me during rehearsal.
If you're mic'd up you really wouldn't need that much. Probably 20 watts tube would be enough but it really depends on how loud the rest of the band is and how big the venue is/how many people...
If you want pristine cleans the 20W is really pushing the friendship. I wouldn't gig without at least about 50W at my disposal. But if I can't get feedback without standing in front of the amp I'm not interested so .........

PS: what the hell has the size of the venue got to do with it? The drums are all that you are trying to keep up with.
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Quote by adambauman31
If you're mic'd up you really wouldn't need that much. Probably 20 watts tube would be enough

you could mic up a 1W amp and it would be enough haha.

I play 20W tube at rehearsals, it is enough - unless you want perfectly clean cleans (at a loud volume).
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i consistently gig with 15-20 watts max. and its attenuated on top of it. what music do you play is the biggest question and what gear, single coils, humbuckees? depends if you are using pregain. if you are just using a single channel no more than 20watts
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That depends on:

1) how big the stage is,

2) how loud your band is (depends on your drummer a lot),

3) where the amp is positioned relative to you (have it pointing in your direction in close proximity and basically anything is loud enough - in layman's terms, if you can't hear it, put it on a chair or something and stand close to it, basically have it's speaker pointed at your ears),

4) the amp's EQ-curve - scoop your mids and it's over, at least with amps that have little mids to begin with,

5) the speakers' efficiency. This is probably as important as it gets. Volume wars are never won with wattage, but with good speakers.

So ya, no idea. I've gigged with 5w amps and it was fine, but I've also had situations were I was happy to have a 50w amp. If you position an amp right and it's only supposed to produce enough volume for one guy (you) to hear it, even a small amp will suffice.
If youve got stage monitoring you should be fine really with 0.00001 watts.

But you said you dont so i wouldnt take less than 15 if you dont need the clean headroom, 30 if you do.

ID think size of the venue would take away a lot of volume. Especially with lots of fat people soaking up the frequencies. /lol

Bout 50 watt SS.