Hey, I'm thinking about getting a good guitar. I'm not much of a guitar guy, I just want a simple, good quality and reliable axe. I mostly play Megadeth, Marty Friedman, Joe Satriani, Judas Priest, Europe.

As far as I like, I found these two:
PRS McCarty MSB: http://www.thomann.de/ro/prs_mccarty_msb_2.htm
pros: Set Neck construction, Nice looking
cons: 22 frets only

Music Man Silhouette Gold Roller: http://www.music-man.com/instruments/guitars/silhouette-gold-roller.html
pros: 24 frets
cons: bolt-on neck construction

They're both about $ 2500

What is better in terms of quality, reliability, versatility? I've never heard about these Music Man guitars, what do you guys think about them?
music mans/men are great

so are prs

just depends on which you prefer, really
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I'd go with the PRS, I think that musicman is rather fugly. Sure it's only 22 frets, but you don't always use the 24th fret as much as you actually think you do even though it's just nice to have.

MusicMan are looked upon as some of THE best, Although I've never personally played one, and I don't like how they look really. I have played PRS stuff though, and it's great.
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if their guitars are anything like their basses i'd say go with musicman.
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you can always get a custom 24

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only comparison i can make is the music man jp6 vs a prs SE nick catanese. so that's not really a fair test. But I love my music man. It plays amazing, sounds awesome, and looks cool, imo :P

PRS has good guitars though, that's for sure. You'll just have to try both guitars, and buy whatever you like most.
MusicMan guitars are extremely well built, I'm personally not a fan of the looks on that one but I've never played a bad one. People tend to like MM or PRS for different reasons, as the two aren't exactly competing for the same niche. The necks are pretty different. The sound is vastly different (I think MM guitars, depending on the model of course, tend to get you closer to more classic Fender sounds while still being in their own class) as well. One other thing I'll throw out there... if you're like me and you're a big guy who doesn't like looking awkward while playing guitar... I advise you not get an MM.
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The prs neck is more of a larger "traditional" style neck, but VERY comfy. I've only played the Petrucci model personally but the neck was REALLY thin, Like thinner then Ibanez.

IMO PRS makes some of the best guitars on the market. They're so widely used by professionals for a reason.

Another thing to take in they're gonna sound way different. The PRS is gonna have warm big sound. It has humbuckers, a set neck, rosewood finger board, and a mahogany neck. The maple top on it will just add clarity. Also it has coil tap which will make it more versatile.

The EBMM also has a mahogany body, but It has a bolt on all maple neck. That will make it much brighter, and give it a thinner crisp sound. Also it has mini humbucker which will give you a cleaner brighter sound.

PRS is very reliable. I've done set ups on prs guitars where the owner will come in asking for the lowest action will out buss, and the action will go so low with out buzzing that I have to call the owner and ask them to come try it because they'll go so low that it's uncomfortable.

I have no experience EBMM in that way so I have no opinion.

The most important thing will come down to is, you need to go try both, and find which feels better to play and sounds right to you.

But that said IMO the PRS will be better for what you want to play because of the Humbeckers.

Good luck

EDIT: ^^^ You could always get a CE24!!! GREAT guitar.
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I played a EBMM Silhouette before, no that exact one but similar, and the neck was alot more chuncky than the JP necks. Id say maybe between the pattern reg and patter thin necks, and a bit thinner than a strat neck.
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you can always get a custom 24

Well no...I only play fixed bridge guitars and there are no PRS guitars with 24 frets and a fixed bridge....sadly
the way the PRS bridge acts, makes it very similar to a hardtail. if its set flush to the body in E standard, you can drop it down to any tuning, and the actual bridge plays like a non TOM hard tail.
Play both of 'em and make your decision based on which feels better in your hands.

PRS makes plenty of 24-fret guitars if that's what's important to you.
Stay away from Musicman....once you play one all others suck..(I can't take credit for that..someone else on this site said that...)
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This is maybe the worst comparison in the history of comparisons.
In terms of quality you can't really make a bad choice here.

It's all about preference. Personally I really don't like PRS necks, especially the finish, whereas the EBMM is finished exactly how I like it. On the other hand, there are plenty who swear by PRS, so yeah... personal preference
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I'd take the PRS, and well for this reason:
The EBMM has mini humbuckers. What do you think will happen if you want to switch them?

==> CRAP, I'll have to root half my guitar out!

I own guitars of both brands, and find PRS guitars superior instruments. However, I do not own these models.
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They aren't common, but there are some CU24's out there with as Stoptail. Not sure how much money you are looking to spend, but one other option would be a PRS Private Stock.
based on what you play...


however both mfgs make great guitars for the heavier tones you are after.