[UK] FS/FT: TC Electronic Flashback, Polytune, Ashton Chorus - WTB/T Line 6 M9

Hey there, it's all pretty much in the title.

They're both just a couple of months old, but I'm looking to downsize my pedalboard before I end up with a ridiculous amount of pedals.

Would like to do a figure out a trade + cash for a line 6 M9, but I'm open to cash offers.

Will take pics on request. PM offers!
£110 shipped & Paypal'd? Not sure of the going rate at the moment. Make me an offer!
^ that's the Flashback.

Boav, I haven't received a PM, I know the PM system here is a bit crap, try e-mailing me at jhughes748 <at> gmail <dot> com
Sorry mate, I was about to post.

Both the Flashback and the Polytune are now sold.

Thanks for reading guys.