I run my Rockson Stratocaster through a Marshall MG30DFX (30W) amp.

I plugged in a couple of weeks ago to find all the tone has gone and I don't quite get that crisp sound that I love. I thought it was just a minor fault and it'd go away eventually. But (obviously) it hasn't. I've tried changing the guitar lead through the 5 I have and nothing's changed.
Is it the guitar or the amp that's broken? Any ideas on how to fix it?

PS. before the trolls come in, yes the tone knob on my guitar is up to full and all amp settings are set to Metal (see Marshall recommendations).
What do you mean by your tone has disappeared? Did you change your practice space? Are you comparing venue to practice?
Yeah, this is a bit ambiguous. Do you change practice spaces? Do you change your strings on a schedule? Sometimes ears evolve, or moods change preference. I change my EQ all the time.
Your tone realized it was coming from a MG, then it ran away.
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Quote by PatrickChampoux
Your tone realized it was coming from a MG, then it ran away.

#1 joke of the day. Sig'd.

Muck around a bit. Also a good description of what your tone was like and is now would truely halp. I got killer evh tone (imo) one day so great I saved the settings, next day after plugging in I thought it sounded like poop. Its happened like 500 times now for me, I dunno if thats the case but as stated already, tastes change. Sometimes bloody quickly.
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I always find that after a few months of playing my strings start to get slightly rusty and the tone (especially on the thinnest 3 strings) gets really bad. I would suggest restringing But like some of the other guys have said, sometimes you get 'bored' with the tone and it doesn't seem quite as awesome. switch things up EQ wise also. keep it new and exiting
I don't think it's the strings.

Well I can't describe my tone other than crisp. Turn your treble up to 7, your bass down to 4, contour to 6, and the tone knob on the guitar to full. (My usual sound)
Then turn your tone knob all the way down to 0. Mine sounds like that now :S
The practice space hasn't changed, and my ears are fine.

Ill try changing the strings, then might bring in a friend with their guitar to see if it's the amp if the new strings don't work.

If there's still nothing I'll have to get a new guitar or amp -.-' furrrrrrrr
It's the amp. Get a new amp.
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I couldn't find much about rockson guitars on teh googulz but maybe that strat has active pups??? If it does then change the batteries.
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if you have any pedals, check batteries

new amp should help

or try cranking the MG

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