I know I have to decide for myself in the end.
But I've always wanted to really have some one on one time with a taylor acoustic.
I've found a baby taylor for $175 but is it really worth getting it?
Is the sound there and is taylors quality there?
Stores that have taylors are pretty far from me and I'm not looking to drop 1000 bucks into one yet anyway.
To be honest, I'm not much of a fan of the Baby Taylor. It was ok, but it didn't have the oomph I wanted. Certainly it was lacking once you got higher up the fretboard.

It was quite comfy to play though.

I can't give an answer as the quality of them, I only played one for about five minutes, and I've got very little experience with Taylor guitars in general.

Then again, I don't know what else you have on offer for that sort of price.
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When it comes to Taylors or any acoustic in general I found even though two guitars are the same exact model, for whatever reason they do not always sound the same. I think this answer is best answered with you strumming a bunch of Taylors in the music store. That's what I did.
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the baby taylor has never sounded good to me - and it definitely doesn't sound like any other taylor in the least. also, you do realize this isn't a "smallish" guitar like a parlor, but a small guitar that many adults use as a travel guitar? the taylor BIG baby is the guitar that sounds like an entry level taylor and is only a little on the smaller size, but it's nothing like the baby except in name.
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try to save up a little more for a BIG baby.

I used to have one and it sounded great.
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