I own a large Traynor tube amp that I use for guitar and bass for shows. I wanted to pick something a bit quieter for home playing so I went out and grabbed the Ibanez TSA15H locally because of the price and sound for guitar (it sounds great w/ guitar). I am wondering if I would be able to put my Fender '51 P bass through this head and put the head through a Ampeg 15" cabinet. Their are multiple outs on the amp for 8, 4 and 16 ohm configurations. The cabinet is a 200w 8 ohm speaker. What would the outcome be for this setup? Just a thin sounding bass?
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I use my bass through my 15w Tiny terror every now and again. It sounds great, but it wouldn't be enough for playing with other people.
So, if you're just using it as a practice amp, then it sounds like a decent idea.
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It might be a little thin, but you won't know until you try it. As long as you're playing through a bass cabinet, you won't do any damage.
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