This is a theory I've had for awhile, and wanted to know if there's any studies to back it up.

Basically, I tend to be the guy that girls go to talk to when they have something to say that they don't want most people hearing. As a result, I've had a lot of girls come to me after their first time having sex, saying that, even though they used protection, they think they might be pregnant, and that they missed their period, and et cetera, and yet none of these cases have actually ended up being a real pregnancy.

My theory is that the hormones released when having sex, possibly combined with the stress of worrying if they're pregnant, cause the girl to miss their period, seeing as sex and stress are basically the two biggest factors in a person's hormones. Does anybody know if this is already a documented thing, or at least heard about any studies on it that they could link me to?
So your the friend zone guy huh?

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So your the friend zone guy huh?
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That being said, this thread isn't supposed to be about me; I'm genuinely interested in this little theory of mine.

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meh, sounds plausible
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So your the friend zone guy huh?

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Don't lie, you play bass.

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Actually it is. If a girl worries to much her period might be delayed.
Lots of factors for delaying: Food, Stress, Sexual activity, medication blah blah
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I'm pretty sure you're correct. I've never read any studies on the subject, but I've heard that before. My friends have had pregnancy scares and it ended up being stress that caused it.
Yes actually that is true. I am also the "go to best friend" guy (wtf I'm awesome and this displeases me) however your theory is quite correct. Young females who experience their first time with or without protection almost always (in my experience) have a "pregnancy scare" because they are stressed about it constantly and end up being late due to that fact.
So the average person has 5 Liters of blood in their body. If you lose 40 percent of your blood (2 Liters) it is considered life threatening. The average amount of blood lost when a woman goes through her period is 35 mL. That means that if a woman had a period 57.14 times the average strength she could potentially die from it.
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